Nutritionist, vegan chef and certified yoga teacher Wendy Landiak is known for using local, organic and vegan ingredients and creating delicious meals that are good for you, the community and our environment. This has been Chef Wendy’s life and passion for over 20 years, and she continues to inspire and teach the message of organic living and eating through many avenues. Her supper club, The Honey Underground (named after…the carrot!), has become a much loved, weekly event in Hereford, Pennsylvania. She’s a familiar face at farmer’s markets and festivals in Lehigh Valley, and delivers freshly prepared meals, smoothies and hummus to homes and health food stores in the area. Read more about Wendy’s services: personal health coachingvegan cooking partieshome health audits and weekly food services.




Some things we bring to the table are foreign and exotic. Some things are domestic and common. But it is in the combination of both, the fusion, that we are allowing our full expression of the art of cooking. This expression is not contained solely in our ingredients but also in our smiles and hearts. We, as a green world cafe, look to establish a common link between all facets of life. Through our multi-ethnic music, decor and menu we provide space for a fulfilling human experience.

Our food is based mainly on Asian traditions. This may include, Ayurveda, Zen Theory, Macrobiotics or otherwise. This traditional knowledge dates back to about 5,000 B.C. or earlier. Also, contemporary diets such as raw, gluten-free and body ecology are respected and offered.

All of what we offer – Indian, Burmese, Japanese, Indonesian, Mexican, Italian, i.e. – is all organic. This ensures the integrity of the foods upon which our inspiration is founded.

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